The Encouraging Push

We picture an encouraging person as a feel good huggie person, and they often are. Sometimes, in addition to offering encouraging words, they offer words of wisdom. They offer direction that pushes us, much like a mother bird pushing her babies out of the nest. I think that’s a good analogy for my relationship with Dr. L. Dale Potratz, my Bible teacher from Christ Unlimited Bible Institute.  Continue reading

Steel Sharpens Steel

When you think of an encouraging person, you usually think of someone who is warm and fuzzy. We all need those kinds of people in our lives. We also need another kind of encourager – those who encourage us to do more. They push us out of our comfort zone and push us to do more than we think we can. They don’t mince words, they tell us exactly like it is because they know that’s their job. It is like steel sharpening steel. They make us better. Dr. Al Metsker was just such a person. Continue reading

Mary Kay

Aunt Kathryn

Aunt Kathryn, as she was known to our family, passed away this past June. When I think back to my memories of her, I think of all the things she taught me. They are words that everyone wants to pass on to their family – words like responsibility, hard work, perseverance and encouragement. She lived out these words every day. Continue reading

Hanging On To Hope

This blog by my friend really spoke to me tonight. It made me think of my mom who persevered through her battle with ALS. It also made me think about that time as a caregiver when I kept on even though someitmes I din’t feel like I had hope. God always provided me the hope I needed.

This year has been a tough year for so many people. So many of our family and frineds have sufferred illness and death of loved ones. It’s been a hard year to live through, but God has continued to give us hope – through friends, through our granddaughter and through our children.

I pray that 2016 will be a blessed year for you, and that God will use this blog to bring hope to your life.

As the Kansas winter blustered through my yard, I noticed a unique snapshot of the season.leaf - hanging on

Although all the other leaves had already let loose and dropped to the ground, one leaf still hung on.

In spite of the wind, the calendar day and its length of life – a lone leaf clung tightly to the branch that had given it life.

It didn’t take long to wrap my heart around the analogy and honor thousands of saints who continue to cling tightly to their true source of life.

They persevere in spite of the calendar days that scream, “You should have given up already.”

They hang on in spite of the circumstances of life or the opinions of others or even of well-meaning friends who speak cruelty.

These are people who inspire me to persevere as well:

  • The single mom who drives her children to church even though she…

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