A Tribute To The Joy You Share

We all need someone who shares joy with us; someone who encourages us. This past week one of those people in my life had a very important birthday.

My friend Sally Danley celebrated her 80th birthday. I was privileged to attend her surprise party on Saturday.

I met Sally at the first writer’s conference that I ever attended. She was in charge of registration and was also passing out smiles and hugs. I’m sharing with you the letter that I wrote Sally (with her permission), so that you can understand how very special it is. Just a note for the letter to make sense, I gave Sally a card with my letter and a package of happy face stickers.

My Dearest Sally,

Our pastor introduced us to a new way of gift giving for special occasions. it’s called found gifts. You look for a gift to give, whether it’s a repurposed fit or a gift you buy, not based on the gift but because of what reminds you about the person.

I have been looking for such a gift for you. I thought of something with a sun on it, to remind you of the ray of sunshine you are to people, but I couldn’t find one. I thought of a stamp pad set to remind you of the indelible mark you have left on the lives of so many, but I couldn’t find one.

Then today as I made a last-ditch effort at the store, I saw it. These happy face stickers represent the joy that you bring to so many.

Whenever I see you, a smile breaks out on my face as I know a Sally hug is coming. Along with it will probably be a prayer if you sense that I need it.

You have left your indelible mark of encouragement on so many lives, mine included. You are a ray of sunshine and pass your joy to everyone.

My dear friend, I hope you had a wonderful birthday. I wish you many more, because our lives would be so much less without you here.

Know that I love you and pray for you.


Please let those people in your lives who bring joy to you know what you mean to them.

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