The Good Fight

I couldn’t figure out why I suddenly had nothing to write. I think the inspiration was just waiting for the right time. Last year I was introduced to someone on the internet who had a great impact on my life.

I was having a bad year. My husband and I lost five family members and close friends in less than 3 months, and the year didn’t seem to get better. There were certainly bright moments, but even those seemed like emotional roller coaster rides.

I was depleted. I felt empty. Then I read a blog post about a popular country music figure. I had never heard of her. She was going through a health scare, so I prayed for her and didn’t think too much about it. Then I found out that the news wasn’t good, and she had a long fight on her hands.

That’s when I started to really read blog posts about Joey Feek and learn about her Good Fight. She faced each challenge with dignity and strength. I looked at old blog posts. I realized that the way she was facing her cancer was how she faced everything in life – no matter whether it was good or bad. It was how she faced her music career, her marriage, and her relationship with God. It was also how she faced her daughter Indiana’s Down syndrome. Certainly she had fears, but that didn’t stop the joy that Indiana brought to her and to everyone who knows her. Just a picture of that little girl’s smile could light up a whole room. Even though Joey knew she might not be here on earth to see it, she still had dreams for her little girl.

As Joey continued to fight, I learned even more about her. I saw how someone should act in the face of adversity. God used her life and her fight to show me His grace, His love and His mercy. He used the story of her life to give me hope again.

I wept when she went on Hospice, but she continued to fight. She continued to have hopes and dreams. She wanted to live through Christmas and through Indiana’s 2nd birthday in February. She did that. Towards the end of February she knew that her time here was limited. As she lovingly told each of her family members’ goodbye, she showed that she was ending her fight with dignity as well.

On March 4th, Joey won her fight with cancer. She is now in heaven, pain and cancer free using her extraordinary voice to worship her Savior.

Joey your heart touched people around the world.

My thoughts and prayers are with her husband Rory, daughters Heidi, Hopie and Indiana, and all her family and friends.


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