Can thankfulness really be commanded

I checked out the blog of my friend Sylvia Schroder. Her Thanksgiving post really spoke to my heart.

Her answer to the title question is that yes, thankfulness can be commanded because God does. The concept of being thankful is found more than 160 times in scripture.

I joined her in her dislike of seeing myself in the Israelites in the wilderness. God had done so many things for them, yet they complained.

Until I read her blog I didn’t think of my frustrations as complaining, but that’s exactly what they are. Bad things happen, and I focus on that instead of on gratitude for the good things that God has given me or done for me.

Last year was a difficult year for. We had a lot of sickness and lost several close friends and family members. Yet even in that, God was good! He miraculously saved my cousin (a story for another day). He showed me wonderful new beginnings even in the midst of the sadness.

Sylvia said that thankfulness comes from a trust in God. I think that gets to the heart of it for me. I found out in a Bible Study this fall that I really do have an issue with trusting God. When bad things happen, I want to trust myself instead of God. I have proven over and over that I’m untrustworthy, but God has continually proven trustworthy in my life.

Thankfulness is a command and a choice to trust God. Something that I’m going to start doing each day.

God I am thankful for all of the small and large things you do in my life!

Please check out Sylvia’s blog at Can Thankfulness Really Be Commanded?



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