Reaching Out to Others

I recently read a blog posted to a friend’s Facebook page. Thanks Annette Meyers. It really described how I used to feel all of the time. I wanted so badly to belong, to be included, to be known. Instead I felt invisible and forgotten.

We moved a lot when I was young. Each new school meant making new friends and learning the ropes of that school. I would finally start to get it, and we would move again. Something that I did instivtively in those transitions, made a difference in other people’s lives and eventually made a big difference in my life. I always looked for the underdog; the one that didn’t quite fit in. In the last couple of years, I’ve had people I didn’t know come up to me and say I know you. They were people who lived in the same neighborhood as I did when I was in 4th through 6th grades. One girl’s sister was in my class. She remembered me because when I came to play at their house once, I included her. Another family remembered me because when the neighbor kids were playing I would always include their daughters who went to a private school and felt left out.

As I grew older, I realized more consciously that there were people who felt like I did. I started going out of my comfort zone to talk to them. You know some of my best friends have come from those situations when I saw someone who looked lonely, nervous or out of place. I would introduce myself, and with some of them, we became good friends. My husband says I collect people. Which is fine with me. My son gives me a hard time about it, but he does it too.

Please enjoy this blog post by Rachel Macy Stafford about how we sometimes don’t feel like we belong, and what we can do. It’s very awesome! Remember reach out to someone. They may become someone very important in your life.

The Clasped Hands of Those Who Want To Belong


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