A Letter to my Mother

This is what being that special mentor in your life is all about. Well said Tim. I’m proud to say that I know his mama. I remember her in the days he talks about in his blog, and I wish that I had done more to help her then.

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Dear Mom,

Lately while working on a project for starting up a music studio, I was asked who my greatest mentor or my greatest instructor has been.  Although I don’t rub shoulders with A-List celebrities everyday, and I don’t know anyone that owns a Ferrari (at least no one that will admit to owning one) I have had several people that have severely impacted the course of my life.

I could start at the beginning, and say that my my first music teacher, Mrs. Christisen was my greatest mentor.  She took a clumsy, starry-eyed little boy and began fostering a fanatical love of the arts and laying the foundation for the perseverance and commitment needed not only to create beautiful music, but also needed in order to be successful in any area of life.  While I may not have my name in lights on Broadway (not yet…), or be playing…

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