Mrs. Farmer

My friends Jeff and Vicki’s mom was different from most of the other parents I knew. She always welcomed me in her home. She kind of took me in as another one of her kids.  I loved being around her because she always made me feel special. Her name is Mary Ann Farmer, but I never called her anything other than Mrs. Farmer. It just didn’t seem respectful to call her by her first name. After high school, I moved away from my hometown, and didn’t see her much, especially when I moved 5 hours away.

When I moved back closer to home, I was excited to be able to see her again. I got married about six months after I moved home. Her daughter got married right before I did, and even though she was busy with that, she still helped me with my wedding. She made my cake, and even included the special words my husband wanted on the cake. She basically made the flowers for my wedding. I’m not sure how I came up with the bright idea to do the flowers myself, since I’m truly challenged when it comes to crafts. I knew exactly what I wanted, but If it wasn’t for Mrs. Farmer, I wouldn’t have had any flowers. She created the arm bouquets that I wanted for my bridesmaids. She also designed my bouquet exactly how I envisioned. Red Roses on top of my mother’s Bible with ribbons and flowers flowing down from it. I felt so special carrying that Bible down the aisle.

I know that I told her thank you for all that she did for me, but I also know that I didn’t express how truly wonderful she made me feel, and how special she was to me.

This year has taught me that life is short, and I need to not let the business and stress in my life, keep me from letting people know what they mean to me.

I got busy with life and haven’t kept up with Mrs. Farmer. I have decided that I need to change that. I just messaged her daughter-in-law for her phone number. I’m going to call her and go see her and hope that I can renew our relationship. I will also make sure she knows how special she is to me.

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