Why am I writing about the special people in my life? There are many reasons.

It makes you feel good to think about people who have helped you and encouraged you in the past. I really kind of need those warm fuzzy feelings right now. It’s also good to recognize people who are sView Postpecial, but the primary reason that I’m doing it is because of this verse.

I Thes 5 11

This verse keeps coming back to me.

At least once or twice a week this verse or another like it is brought home to me. It may be a friend who shares the verse, or on the radio, or on a blog. Over and over, I keep hearing the same message.

It’s wonderful to give recognition to people who have encouraged me. They deserve it. The harder part of this verse is how good am I at encouraging others. The answer to that is probably why I keep seeing the verse. I need to hear it again because I do so poorly at doing what it commands.

Instead of encouragement, I offer criticism. Instead of lifting them up, I tear them down. Instead of offering praise, I pick at what they do.

Let’s face it. I hear this verse over and over again because I’m hard-headed and it takes a while to penetrate the thick skull to get inside to the brain.

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