Our Best Man

Although it’s truthful to say that I wouldn’t be married to my husband if it wasn’t for Paul Carter, the story starts much earlier than that. I really got to know Paul when I was a freshman in high school and he was a senior.

We were part of the God Squad. That’s what everyone called to tease us because we were part of a group of kids who would meet each morning to pray.We were also involved in a Youth For Christ Club in our town. Paul began helping our YFC club sponsors take us to YFC rallies. He would take his pick up truck. The problem was that there were often more people than there were seats. We would all pile in the best we could. Paul didn’t have the heart to tell anyone that they couldn’t go. Eventually, he found us a group with a bus that we could ride to the rallies.

He was always one of those people who was there for everyone. Then he did the unthinkable. He graduated and moved 100 miles away for college. Many of us felt like we had lost our big brother. We didn’t have anyone to lead our Youth For Christ club that fall, but that next April, Paul was there leading our club on Monday nights. I think he was actually driving from college to lead our club That was a very special blessing to me, because during that first meeting in April, I became a Christian. He was helping us get to YFC rallies too, and after a while he was driving a bus. He also invited people from his college town and that he went to school with.

That December, he introduced me to a young man who he met in college named David. I really liked him, and Paul could tell.Ok, if I’m being honest the whole world could tell how much I liked him! Paul tried to set up a date for David and I, which didn’t quite work out. After I graduated from high school, I went on to Bible College close to our home, and continued to be friends with Paul and his girlfriend, my friend from high school Bev.

When David graduated from college, Paul got him a job near here, and David and I finally got to have a couple of dates. Between my busy schedule in Bible College and his busy work schedule, we didn’t get to see much of each other. Paul married my friend Bev that June, They continued to be my good friends, but I moved almost 200 miles away for a year to work with a youth ministry.

When I moved back in December, I saw David again, and we talked for hours. The next night and almost every night after that we dated. When we got engaged on Valentine’s Day, Paul was one of the first people that we told. He told us that it was about time and that he and his mom had prayed every day for 3 years that David and I would get married. We did get married that July, and of course Paul was our best man. He and Bev continue to be friends over 30 years later.

Paul has always been a special person to me, but that’s even more true in my husband’s life. Paul introduced David either directly or indirectly to so many of the people who David still calls friends today. Paul found a shy person, and took him in so that all of his friends and family became David’s friends too.

That’s the kind of person Paul is. He has always reached out to other people when he sees a need in their life.

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