My Locker Mate – Bev Carter

No one likes to admit that they’re in Middle School and can’t lock their locker, but there it was. My locker was evil and resisted every attempt to lock it. I was almost in tears trying to lock the dumb thing. Suddenly a hand reached in front of me and locked it for me. The girl with the locker next to mine took pity on me. She went out of her way to help me, even though she had issues of her own. She was in a body cast, which she had to wear for a really long time, because she had surgery on her back. I should have been the one helping her, but instead she selflessly reached out to me.

She kept locking my locker pretty much the whole year. I never did learn the tame that wild beast. Bev and I sat next to each other in a lot of classes. Our names were close Carver and Carlson. As we got to know each other, we figured out that we sort of knew each other already because my cousins boarded their Shetland ponies, who I never could tame either, with Bev’s family. I had some health scares shortly after that, and she gave me courage to face it.

We remained friends in high school. Although I managed to lock my own locker by then.She was there to be a sounding board and to prod me to action. She always gave of herself. If she hadn’t reached over and locked my locker, we might not have ever have really known each other, and I wouldn’t have my friend Bev Carter.

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