Zeta Davidson

When that difficult child walks into your Sunday School class or cub scout troop, think about how you can impact their lives. I was that little 8-year-old girl who walked into a Wednesday night GA program (Southern Baptist missions organization). I wasn’t difficult in the traditional sense. I obeyed, but I didn’t get along with other children. Until I started school, I was rarely around kids. I didn’t know how to relate. I was also a tattle tale. My mother had taught me to always do what was right, and to me that meant making sure other kids did what was right too. Obviously, I wasn’t popular. When I walked into that class, Zeta Davidson came to my rescue.

She couldn’t make the other kids like me, but she could make sure they didn’t bully me. She made sure that they were nice to me. She made sure I was included in everything. It was so much better for me than school. She even enlisted the help of the other girls to be nice to me in Sunday School. Church was my safe place. I loved going there because I always felt accepted. Zeta made sure I got hugged on.

During my last two years of GA’s, we had moved. Zeta helped make sure I could ride the bus on Sunday Mornings, and someone picked me up for GA’s on Wednesday nights. GA’s and Zeta were my lifeline during those two years. Things were incredibly bad at school. I was bullied, physically abused and then sexually harassed almost every day. I never told anyone because I had learned at a previous school that telling meant that the person would hurt you more. Although, I didn’t tell Zeta, she was always there for me being the encouraging voice in my life, speaking God’s love into my life.

I was just one little kid in a big church, but Zeta made me feel like somebody and let me know that God loved me. Although I moved away in sixth grade, I always remembered her. When I went to a writer’s conference years later and found out that she was involved in leadership with the group that put it on, I couldn’t wait to see her again. Today Zeta is till one of those encouraging people always telling others (including me) that they can do it and that God will bless their writing.

Zeta Davidson you did and continue to live the love of Jesus in my life.

4 thoughts on “Zeta Davidson

  1. This is a wonderful tribute, Alice. I’ve only known Zeta a few years through the writers conference, but she has always been a great encouragement to me. Thank you for sharing our own story so honestly.


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