Q of the Week – What do you do when someone humiliates you?

Jeff Gerke, author, editor, artist, graphic designer, and acclaimed fiction teacher, posted a story today on Facebook. Here is the beginning of his post.

Years ago at a writers conference I saw an editor having a one-on-one appointment with an aspiring novelist. The editor was looking at the young woman’s sample chapters and went, “Oh, a prologue? Hmm.” Page-flip, page-flip, page-flip–big TEARING as he ripped the prologue out and threw the pages fluttering to the floor.

It was all I could do not to leave my own appointment and go strangle the editor.

That poor writer! And to have such a humiliating display over something asunimportant and, sorry, stupid as this one editor’s OPINION–or, worse, this editor’s INHERITED opinion from someone else who said that prologues are bad!

Jeff used it to begin a discussion about prologues, but it led me to think about my question of the week. What do you do when someone who you have turned too for advice or guidance humiliates you?

Jeff Gerke’s Website

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