Getting your pigs in a row!

I’m not really a food blogger, but this looks so good that I had to share. My son and I are going to have to work on this cake for my husband’s birthday in August. My husband went to school to become a farmer and worked on a farm where he worked with pigs.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Country Life

Update: A Halloween version of this cake can be found HERE!

Update: The Easter cake mentioned at the end of this post can be found HERE.

In case you’ve missed the talk of the “cake community” on Facebook, here ya go!

Photo courtesy of Taartjes on Facebook. Photo courtesy of Taartjes on Facebook.

The recipe was given at the Taartjes Facebook page, but in Dutch. Thankfully, some kind soul translated it. Using gram language. Thankfully, there are converter charts in cyberspace. I’ve copied in the recipe exactly as given and my notes are in bold.


– anglecake of 8 inches high (I “think” she means 2-8″ layers of cake..however tall a Kit Kat is. Don’t have one around to measure. Just as long as the Kit Kats are taller than the cake re: the photo.)
– 200 grams of milk chocolate (chips) 7 ozs.
– 250 ml whipping cream

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