New Adventures in San Antonio

I was kind of down tonight. I have been in San Antonio since Sunday for a class. Tonight there was no one to do anything with. I went downstairs to find out about taxis because there aren’t any restaurants within my walking distance. There was a lady named Betty there who asked if I was the person who wanted a ride. It turns out she has a driving service for several of the local hotels. She had come to pick up two of the ladies that were staying at my hotel to give them a ride to dinner. We decided to share a ride, and Betty decided to come to dinner with us. We went to a wonderful Mexican Restaurant called Mi Tierra Cafe. We were serenaded, and had our picture taken with Mexican Elvis. Then Betty took us down to the Riverwalk. We saw a beautiful relaxing section of it that isn’t well known. Then we all a boat tour together on the river.

I went down stairs before 5:00 not looking forward to my night, and I didn’t get back until 9:00. I had a lot of fun, and the best was that I met three new friends tonight. Virginia is from Killeen, TX and Sue is from Des Moines, IA. After all the times I have been in Des Moines, I found out it is pronounced without the S in Moines. It is French. Virginia and Sue have been friends since 1971. We all had so much fun. I may never see any of them again, but they made this night special.

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