Empty Nesters

For the first time in almost 28 years we are empty nesters. Our son moved out in February, and the last friend moved out today. I’m kind of afraid to say it too loud because someone will find out we have room and want to move in. Our house has kind of been a revolving door in recent years – my daughter’s friends, my friend who moved back to town, my son’s friends who needed a place to stay. Some were here for a few days, some a month and some for several months.

When my kids were young a friend from church stayed with us for a few days. I didn’t really like it. It felt uncomfortable to have someone in my house. I realized that one of the reasons that I had a house was to be able to use it to help people. Those people werent’ really strangers. They became more like family. My son’s friends became our other sonsand my daughter’s best friend our other daughter.

I didn’t care if they saw me in my boring pajamas. it didn’t matter. They were family, and it was ok. It was kind of hard last year when one of our bathrooms was being fixed. My daughter and son-in-law’s hot water heater went out at the same time. They were coming here to take showers, plus the four of us who were living here. Then suddenly one of my sons friends came over to take a shower. I think on one day, 9 or 10 people took a shower in my shower. That was a bit too much community and family.

I’m enjoying the peace. It’s pretty quiet with everyone gone. I’m open to having someone stay with us again, but hopefully I don’t have to share my bathroom with so many people again for a while!

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