What Now

I had six months to change my life. What was I going to do. I started with common sense ideas I knew from the past. Eat slower, which helps you to eat less. You know that you’re full sooner and don’t over eat. Take small bites and chew a lot. Actually learn to savor your food. Sometimes we take such big bites and eat so fast that we don’t even taste the food. I learned I would rather have a little bit of something wonderful that a whole lot of boring food. That worked a little bit, but I wanted to do more. Then two things happened. I started doing needless accupuncture for weight loss, and I read an article about a diet plan called The One One One Diet. The accupuncture was helping with my cravings, and I loaded the book on my Kindle.

I learned it’s not really a diet, it just common sense eating . Combine foods. Protein, carbs and fat at each meal. Most veggies are free. It also isn’t a restrictive diet. If you want a donut, have one (hopefully not every day). Just make sure that donut is your carb and you have protein and fat with it. Having a sandwich, you can have two slices of bread. It was easy to follow and sounded realistic, so I decided to try.

The weight came off slowly. I wasn’t perfect, and sometimes I cheated. The book said that french fries could be either a carb or a fat. So I would eat it for both, but I got better. As I lost weight, I got more serious. One change that I did make was not eating as much chocolate. Chocolate is my comfort food when stressed and my whole world was stressed. I was stressed at work. I was stressed in my family life. My daugher has two chronic illnesses, and it’s really hard not to worry. Chocolate would help me self medicate, but I knew it was killing me because of how much of it I was eating.

Weight was coming off slowly. I wanted to know if it was really making a difference. When I went back to the doctor 6 months after my initial diagnosis, I got my answer. My A1C level was right where the doctor wanted, and I had lost 20 pounds.

Sounds great, but you know it couldn’t be that easy. Read how I got stalled out tomorrow.

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