Overcoming the Stalled Car

In the fall, my car stalled. I mean by body stalled. I wasn’t able to do accupcuncture any more. I got sick. I got down because I thought the weight would never come off, so what did I do? I ate. I only gained a few pounds back, but it astounds me that as I’m losing weight I give up. I start over eating and gain it back. I got back in control and stayed even over the Holidays, but I needed a push.

Then my work sponsored a Biggest Loser Contest. I decided to join. Some of my friends woried over someone seeing their weight, but I have no shame. I just want to lose weight. I started back on my One One One plan. That was January 16th, I have lost almost 13 pounds since then. It has been an up and down battle, but even the few slipups I’ve had weren’t bad and I took the weight back off the next week. I lost quite a bit this week, which made me happy. I haven’t been feeling good. I’ve had an almost non-stop sinus infection since the middle of January, and even sick I have managed to loose weight. I’m excited.

I was able to buy new clothes two sizes smaller than what I wore last January. I even bought one shirt that is the size I wore in high school. It’s my stretch goal. it’s a little tighter than what I usually wear, but it goes under something else. Nobody knows. I also have a better body image. I no longer feel like I have to hide my body in clothes that are really too big. I’m going to have to buy new pants soon. They’re getting pretty loose. I know that I can make it. I celebrate each pound as it comes off, and I’m aiming for little goals. lIke the next 5 pounds.

I’m getting my hair cut and colored tomorrow! No more gray! I will post a picture! So excited! Looking forward to continue weight loss, and new clothes!

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